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Oct 2, 2003
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Hi guys, not my usual part of the forum but here goes:

My mum is looking to upgrade from VHS to DVD (at last) and would like a DVD recorder, she has a budget of £200 and would like it to do the following:

1) Record direct from Sky to the HDD or to DVD.
2) If possible allow her to connect a video recorder to back up her beloved videos.

Has anyone bought a model for this around this price tag? Can anyone recommend alternatives to this scenario?

Please forgive me but I am recording from my Sky HD box via PC to DVD so I know very little about DVD recorders and I don't want mum to go out and buy any old model and be unhappy with it.

Any help gratefully received


wel firstly, im about to get a dvdr for the first time, and as you can see from my thread, i needed advice of my own...


so for the love of god dont go with anything i say! having said that ive done an excessive amount of research, and have settled on the panasonic DMREZ25, after being shoved in the right drirection, i hope!It doesnt have HDD, i really cant afford the next step to get a good HDD, I think ure mum prob could for £200, like i said i have no idea though.

what i can help with is this...everytime i find good reviews, decide on a product, i go and find bad reviews too. the gist being, it seems whatever one you choose, someone will have had probs with it! the experts seem to love this model though, it has got 4 and 5 stars all over the shop, and a few best buys...




erm, tried to give you a list of all reviews, but it wont let me, you can easily search for em on this site tho, theyve got these 2 on the ez25.

it has also done well on both amazon com, and uk, cnet said there were compatability issues, but others say its fine, so swings and roundabouts. like i said, it doesnt have a HDD, but it does do DVDram, it also has freeview. it seems like a nightmare to unlock region codes tho, dunno if ure mum has lots of reg 1's like maself. i read that panny are bringing out some new ones soon, so im not sure if this would be too old for you. i havent got it yet, so really cant say how it is IRL, hope i wont be gutted, but its one to add to ure research list, maybe.i cant emphasise enough that im not an expert tho, just trying to help with an idea!


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