What DVD-R/RW's to buy?


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Okay, I've ordered a Pioneer 104 drive. Now I need some discs. I wanna buy, say, 10 each -R's and -RW's. What brand(s) should I go for and where from?


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be careful of bulkpaqs , basically they are left over discs from various people.first 90 i got were fine the 90, well 80 odd, i have upstairs are crap.

if you run an identifier app on them you will see that they can be anyones.

depends what you want to do, to date Verbatim discs ae the only ones that i have got to work in anything, ps2 , xbox etc.
I even downloaded episode 2 last week, well i wanted to try out various discs in proper dvd players and it was the only film i could find, and before anyone says anything i have it on order.

once again the verbatims were the only discs that played in every player, I couldnt even get the bulkpaqs past the menu on some players.

Alanrob are they the Generation 3 datasafes that you are using ??

havent tried them yet and i really need to find some media that is cheaper than the Verbs.


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I agree with what you were saying about the Bulkpaqs, however the new Bulkpaqs listed on www.121cdr.co.uk are Generation 3 dye.

I switched to using the Datasafe Gen3 due to problems with older Bulkpaqs but I have found that ANY brand of Gen3 discs work in most kit ... standalones, dvd roms & ps2 etc ...

After all 44p for a Gen3 is a top bargain!

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