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I have just bought a 42wh36 and currently have a Pioneer DV550
. As far as I am aware this does not have either component output or progressive scan and I am using it with RGB output to the TV. Would I see a noticible difference in the picture quaility by changing to a player with component/progressive scan over the RGB?

If I got a new player would I be able to use the progressive scan feature through the RGB scart or does this only work through the component interface. Also if I were to use component what kind of cables would I need? currently my system sits about 4 meters away from the TV so the thought of having to get 3 expensive cables is not a pleasant one.

Is any difference in picture quality between RGB and component/progressive worth ditching my 10 month old DVD player for and spending yet more money?

Any advice would be gratefully received


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I would have thought a progressive scan component feed would be noticably better than the Pioneer's RGB feed. However RGB is a good quality connection and you may not be that impressed with the difference. Might be worth picking something up at Argos with component outputs and just testing the water so to speak to see if it makes much of a difference, then returning it for a full refund and getting the model you actually want elsewhere online.

www.dabs.com do a pal/ntsc progressive scan player for about £45 delivered.Its a P80L which gives quite a good picture and is comparable to the output of many of the japanese brand models in the £100 range. It also allows a lot of fine picture adjustment which you don't see on many models.

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