What DVD player should I buy?


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Ok. I'm pretty new to this but have been reading lots and have around £300 to spend on a new DVD player to link up to a toshiba 37WLT58 (will also be buying amp and speakers within a couple of weeks). I was just about to buy the Denon 1920 until I read about the lip synch problems in another thread. Should I just buy very cheap and wait for HD players to become available or go for something reasonable now (I can pay more if it would be worth it). All opinions greatly received.:)


ive been looking in the same field but slightly lower budget, so i cant actually vouch for players first hand. however, i have read some many reviews on a range of pioneer players and they seem to come up very good. price-wise they are great value IMO. check http://www.homecinemachoice.com/reviews for (so far ive found) the most comprehensive detailed reviews on home cinema buys including a large range in DVD 'high-end-market' players
hope this helps


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I heard Denon have fixed the problem on new batch of Denon 1920 DVD Players and I got one of them. No problem at all. Give it a try as they are very good.

So don't write off Denon 1920.


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Ok. Thanks. Made snap decision yesterday to wait for HD/blu-ray and just bought cheapie Tosh 350. Also bought Yam DSP -AX757SE and KEF 2005.2. Just got to set them up now.:)

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