What DVD do you recommend to show off ES/ES sound tracks


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I've just bought a 900 quid THX Ultra JVC amp and to be honest I've not reallty heard any DVDs , Episode II etc that sound any better than just plane old DD or DTS. Is it just me or can any one recommend a DVD that really lets the ES or ES soundtracks shine?

Any help would be most welcome!




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gladiator r1 for the dtes discrete great soundrack

lord of the rings for ddex another great soundtrack

blade 2 has both ddex & dtes discrete soundtracks which are amazing


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Originally posted by damtom1
The Haunting R1 DTS-ES

I have this, and while it has some great bass, I didnt particularly notice all that much rear centre channel action (ooo-err). Can you recommend a chapter or two and I will have another listen.

Not a great film though.


The start of their first night and also the music room,stood out for me.


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definately Haunting (must be the ES version)..I've been using it tonight to check my system out..;)


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Gladiator R1 DTS-ES


Fast and the Furious R1 DTS


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Originally posted by juboy

I thought F&TF was plain ol' 5.1 vanilla?

It is, but works quite well if you engage ES decoding.:)

Add Monsters Inc and Atlantis to the decent EX/ES titles. Unbreakable is another.

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