What doi need to improve my sound


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Hey folks

ive just relaced my old panasonic crt dolby pro logic, with a nice new sony d3000 lcd. However im really dissapointed with the sound, ive been browsing forums/ebay for some ideas as to how to improve the output, but im jusy confusued. What do i need to get decent sound, i was thinking just an amp and some speakers, but lost with the choice, do i need a hdmi amp if so what does this give me over a standard amp/receiver ?. What im looking for is decent sound from sky broadcast and dvd. im lost.


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What are you using for sound at the moment?

The sort of price range you are looking at will not get you what most people around here consider to be decent sound but if we know what you are listening to at the moment it may be possible to suggest something that is at least better than what you have now.

Also would you be happy with a stereo solution or does it have to be 5.1?

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