What does your significant other think about your hobby?


I've been into Hi Fi / AV from as soon as I was able to get my own kit. Way back when I used to put my Akai VHS player through my amp.

I guess we all make compromises as for the most part these systems have to be incorporated in to shared living spaces.

I'm lucky enough to have an Easy Room \ Listening Room that doesn't have the same aesthetic values attached to it as elsewhere in the house.

SWMBO is aware of the differences in quality of systems I've put in over the years (AV system is on Version 3 still 5.1) the move to HD > UHD / Dolby Vision etc.

Critical listening isn't her bag so its something tolerated rather than sought after.

But life would be deeply dull if we all liked the same things right?


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My wife won't admit it but she loves our cinema room. She claims she hates it to everyone who comes round but she's always in there watching Netflix etc. And when it's just the two of us, I always give her the option of where to watch TV, always picks the cinema room.

I don't think she's overly fussed by any of it in particular, but she does appreciate the surround sound on a good movie


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I think I'm about to make you all immensely jealous! :p

My wife is my soulmate and we have identical tastes in everything so all viewing it done jointly. We have been married 30 years and it is very hard to recall one single argument in all that time. A while back I decided we could improve the sound in the lounge by losing the soundbar and installing a 7.4.4 system. She helped with the speaker mounting, cabling up and shunting the dual SVS PB-3000s and dual XTZ 1X12s into position. We have amassed a collection of some 150 UHD Blu-rays, most of them regarded as demo-worthy for their sound engineering. We watch at -6MV and like to run BEQ files and an aggressive house curve as we live in a detached house on a 2-acre plot. She is completely understands how all the components interact and is adept at calibrating using REW, miniDSP and Audyssey. She is most definitely one of a kind.

Oh, I should also mention she's an Australian so perfect decor just requires the beer fridge, MLP and "dunny" to be side by side :laugh:. She's also a very competent biker and rides her own Harley-Davidson V-Rod and Suzuki SV650S. I am truly blessed and give thanks every single day.

BTW, the sig is just a tongue-in-cheek comment reflecting a more normal relationship :lesson:

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Oh, I should also mention she's an Australian

That is unusual - everyone I know that has married an Australian now lives there - not one of them has stayed in the UK!

As far as my good lady goes, she tolerates it, and on occasion has had 'girly' afternoons in our cinema watching stuff like 'Crazy Rich Asians' and the like with some of her friends. She will also watch new Disney/Pixar animated movies as well as a family - and that's about it. She does enjoy it, but is generally too busy doing other stuff to spend time watching a movie.

I watch something in there two or three times a week, sometimes more if I've just upgraded something (currently going through a phase of watching a lot of stuff having added Front Wides, so now running 9.2.4).

My elder lad and his mates have historically used the cinema every Friday night, and love it!

Over the years we've had a few neighbours over to watch stuff, and they're all pretty gobsmacked - a while back, one neighbour bought us a popcorn machine so we could have the 'real' experience!


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I'm only here because of my wife.

When we met I had a projector instead of a TV because I didn't like any of the LCD & Plasma stuff on the market at the time, didn't want to afford a Kuro. She assumed this meant "Movies", for me it meant TV replacement and photography slideshows, with the occasional movie.

So now we are married, have a house together, JVC projector 3.3m screen, Dirac, discrete amplifiers and lots of black velvet. Her colleagues think she's a vampire, always sitting in the dark surrounded by black velvet.

This weekend we will go together to pick up our third subwoofer.

I'm in it for the technology, the movies are ok when well made and well presented, she's the Movie nut. Although if we go to watch something that's a poor quality disk or bad stream, she's the first to say "is this HD?" or "I'm not watching this".

She's not much for sound though, I find her watching stuff at -30dB. Since I've (mostly) sorted out the room acoustics, I haven't had any "it's too loud" comments when I turn it up so I can actually hear anything.

Movie room/ Living room gets used most nights, TV Series and occasional TV in the week and a Movie or two most weekends.

Oh and another turnaround just for completeness, she sometimes invites her mother over to watch football, World Cup, Euros etc. Her father and I will go off do something else as neither of us can stand football.


Does anyone live with family members who encourage you to upgrade all the time and complaining that it's not the latest kit, and want every room in the house to be kitted, and complain of not going to hi fi shows.

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