What does (P&S) mean?



I have been looking at DVDboxoffice and dvdsoon web sites.

Both seem to Have phantom of the menace in region 1 widescreen.

However, DVDsoon offers it with (P&S) or without? What is the difference.


wht does DVDboxoffice have it released almost a year ago when DVDsoon releases it this month?



P&S stands for Pan and Scan (or Pan and Scam as some people call it!)

It just means the Full Screen version of the film, not the widescreen.


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P&S is a term often misused, but generally means 'reformatted to fit a 4x3 display'.

Depending on the origins of the material and other factors, it may be:

Truly Pan & Scan whereby you only get to see less than all of the original picture (a 4x3 frame cut out of the much wider film). For 22:9 films, you only see just over half of the width.


Open matte whereby you actually see MORE of the film than cinemagoers did. However, this is often a Bad Thing because it affects the composition of the image (which detracts from the artistic intent) and/or may reveal artefacts of the production (lights, microphones, reflections etc) which would have been hidden in theatres.

In either case, the OAR (Original Aspect Ratio) is preferable IMHO.

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