What does full 4:4:4 reproduction do?


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That's notation used to refer to a technology called Chroma subsampling. 4:4:4 means it's not in use.

Chrome Subsampling is designed to reduce the colour resolution in a picture while keeping the shape resolution, because the eyes are more sensitive to detail in shape than in colour. It's a way to use less bandwidth/storage space without impacting the picture much.

Videos are generally stored as 4:2:0 so transmitting at full resolution doesn't make any difference there because the info isn't there to begin with.

The main impact is to small detail under certain colour combinations - text for PC use is often cited as an example.

If you're playing a colourful game that needs pixel-perfect precision (and you're sitting close enough to see details that small) then it might make a difference, but it's certainly not going to be a massive image quality improvement or anything.

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