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What do you want from Santa?


Well-known Member
Is there something you really want this Christmas, and either dropping big hints, or will buy yourself?

I've got to have a move controller for my PS3. I played Sports Champions the other day, and was impressed. Loved the table tennis!


Distinguished Member
I've got to have a move controller for my PS3!

Came to post this :laugh:

I've hinted a little, but I think she already has something in mind. Last time she had something in mind I got the Elite when it was released. Hopefully it's a slim 360 she's got in mind this time :D


Senior Moderator
Completely unobstructed peace and quiet to devote to GT5 :cool:


Well-known Member
I'd like a few silly things, but this is the first year when SWMBO has asked, "What would you like for Christmas" and I've replied "nothing really"

Watch, I'll probably get sod all on Christmas day and sulk for a month.


Distinguished Member
I want the BSG blu ray boxset a PSMove controller and Fall Out New Vegas.


Active Member
Was thinking of kinect but I'm still deciding I want to have a go with it before deciding. I've got a few games and box sets I've asked for ,nothing really major this year.
Did plan on asking for a track day but last week at one of the kids friends birthday party all the dads got together and decide to do this early next year anyway.


Active Member
I want Nicole Scherzinger, don't think the wife will let me.


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Moderator/Games Reviewer
Had a massive clothes clear out about a month ago and I'm left with a few sweaters and T-Shirts from this summer just gone. Really badly need a nice winter coat and I'm off to Krakow for the weekend next week so not sure I can hold out till Xmas Day.


Active Member
A little bit more work would be sound :thumbsup: been self employed (job wise take a guess from me Nick :rotfl:) for the past ten years..never had a year like it :eek:..and been off the smokes for the past 6 months n put 3 1/2 stone on so some clothes that fit would be nice :D

NooBish AbbZ 92

Distinguished Member
A nice hoody, and money towards new computer/Laptop (Not sure yet) and Xbox Slim.

Stephen Carter

AVF Games Reviewer
To be honest ive been hard pushed to think of anything i want really as most things i want i buy at the mo as i get paid weekly and can afford a few games here and there. Only main thing really is a new stereo for my car with ipod/mp3 connection

Deleted member 27989

I'd like a mac pro 12 core and a nikon d7000, selling our house will be nice too, and that visa to leave the uk and if Santa is on form, please make hmrc loose all my records


Distinguished Member
I'd like a "Ms Santa" please, or "Ms..." anything, if I'm honest. ;) But a half-decent, job wouldn't go amiss either. Now been out of work since 21st April 2010. :(


Distinguished Member
I am getting GT5 on PS3 and getting my missus to chip in towards my new Yamaha RXV667 receiver.

Depending on whether GT5 is amazing and if it is any good in 3D, may have to force myself to buy a 3DTV :eek:


Distinguished Member
Santa came on Tuesday when he delivered GT5. I might treat myself to a cheap steering wheel to go with this game.

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