What do you think to the W850I


What do you think to this fone?is it worth getting!i like SE and i heard that the features are greta on this phone is that true?wb and let em know what you all think to the phone


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Just got mine yesterday. Havent played about with it too much but it seems pretty good,obviously it not a business type phone. Wouldnt say its any easier to use than my previous W550i. Looks nice seems to lock keypad etc as soon as you slide it closed. 2MP camera - havent tried it yet,Mp3 player ,video calling,radio. Plays MP3s quite loud through the speaker, can only see one whereas my old W550i had 2 speakers. Ill try it out a bit more when the kids let me have it back! Theyre playing JUICED on it . I don think you ll be disappointed, Baz


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I have owned mine for a month having upgraded from a D600. I loved the D600. But wow this W850i is even better. I love the user interface (not that different from the D600) and the music ability is fantastic. The only thing that I wish was better is the size of the font when reading texts that have arrived. I struggle to see them without my glasses on!!! However when writing texts the font and background are perfect!


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had mine for a few weeks and its awesome..

does everything i need from a phone and does it well, the walkman functions are excellent for the gym, and the 1Gb card is plenty for me.

web browsing isnt as good as my qtek S110, but its good nonetheless and does e-mails, and news pages well.

camera is as good as you get on a phone (for 2mp anyways)

havent done any video calls yet as no-one i know is on a compatable network...so cant comment on this, although the camera picture for videos is ok.

slide feels nice and it solid, feels very well put together. all of the buttons are the same.

only annoyance i have is the screen, the picture quality is good, but its prone to scratching as its level with the front of the phone, and i dont fancy a screen protector on it.

sound quality from earphones and speaker is great.

overall i have no complaints. ive lost a few features from my PDA but im happy as it does the basic phone features better.


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My one an donly complaint is that the camera is NOT an auto focus camera.
But everything else is great.
I use it as my 4GB MP3 player, camera and phone all in one, I love it!

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