What % do you spend on speakers + subs



I would like to know how important the speakers are to you...

35% - Speakers, including subwoofers
15% - Powers
15% - AV processor
10% - DVD player
10% - TV + Tunner
10% - Cables
5% - Stands, Rack, Mains blocks



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The % rule doesn't really apply I've got a £500 receiver driving £1000 speakers.

You need to look at each component individually


Interesting one, Lowrider. Here are mine:

34% - Speakers, including subwoofers
11% - AV processor / Amplifier
6% - DVD player
37% - TV
6% - Cables
6% - Stands, Rack

Cheers :)



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Speakers 29
TV 35
Cables 2
Stand 6
Receiver 14
DVD 14



You are right, for instance when I get a plasma, (more appropriate in my set-up than a CRT), the % will shift considerably...

Also some speakers live well with less expensive amplifiers, or integrates, that affects a lot the % too...

Anyway, I see so far we are not too far on the speakers %...

Nuno Santos

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Here's mine:

30% - Speakers, including subwoofers
15% - Power AMP
14% - AV processor
23% - DVD player
8% - TV
5% - Cables
5% - Stands and Rack

Best regards,

Nuno Santos


Heres mine

DVD 12%
Plasma 31%
Processor 18%
Power 6%
Cables 3%
Stand 2%
Speakers 27%

As yet no subwoofer, so guess the speakers will bump that up


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Amp £500
Speakers £599
DVD £360
Stand £280
Cables £35
You work it out;)

All in the last month...........and i only intended to spend about a grand:eek:



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Going on what i paid and not retail price:

Speakers and sub - 34%
Integrated Amp and Power Amp - 31%
TV - 12%
DVD Player - 8%
Rack and Speaker Stands - 9%
Cables - 5%

Dammit Lowrider, thanks for making me realise how much money I blow on AV!

Don't wanna think about adding my dvds spending to that!!!

Ian J

Doesn't work if you buy second hand.

£2,000 speakers including second hand sub
£ 550 amp second hand
£ 350 DVD player
£ 750 TV


TV £1350
Processor and Amplifier: £1200
Speakers and Subwoofer: £2000
CD: £720
DVD: £700
Stand: £500
Cables: £400


Actually I got my Bryston powers with 30% discount, they where demos, otherwise they would be a bigger chunk of the total...

As for accounting for DVDs and CDs, hmmm... that would be difficult, there are those you rent, TV, FM, etc... lets leave them alone...


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tv - £2000
amp - 2300
dvd - £1000
speakers and sub - £5000
Stands - £680
Cables - too much!!! (a reel of chord rumour was £400 on its own :eek: )

Nuno Santos

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Originally posted by Doug

:eek: Wow Nuno, time for a new TV,perhaps? :D
Well, in a 27.000 EUR budget, 8% might not seem a small investment... ;)

But still, a new set is in mind, but I was thinking on a plasma set and just for the end of next year. I'm still quite happy with my set, Sony 32FQ75 (and it does not suffer from any banding problem, or any kind that I can find..).


Nuno Santos


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Screen - 50%
Speakers inc sub - 15
Processor - 10%
Turntable - 10%
Power Amps - 10%
Cables - 5%

Again it's a bit screwey cause some was secondhand (Linn LP12), and some was DIY (sub, and rear speakers), obviously the screen s a large portion of it cause it's a projector.

I intend to spend a bit more on cables either DIY mains, or Russ Andrews.


Originally posted by Nuno Santos

Well, in a 27.000 EUR budget, 8% might not seem a small investment... ;)

:eek: Quite! Go on, get that plasma :devil:

It's interesting to see how the relative %'s change as you get to the higher end stuff, and also who attaches more importance to sight (TV and DVD) or to sound(amp & speakers)

Paul Smith

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Well for what it's worth here are the relationship's for both Brand new prices and for what was actually paid for my setup:-

Brand New prices:

TV/Display(projector) - 63%
Preamp/Processor - 15.5%
Speakers and Subs - 12%
Power Amps - 6.5%
DVD - 2.5%
Cables - .5%

Actual prices paid (all 2nd hand except cables):

Speakers and Subs - 35%
Preamp/Processor - 21%
Power Amps - 18.5%
TV/Display(Projector) - 14%
Cables - 6%
DVD - 5.5%

That's more than enough maths for me,
I think I need a rest now.!



(pounds not %)
Amp 200
Speakers & Sub 550
DVD 150
CD 70
TV 300
Cables 150

Not exactly even but there you go.

Charlie Whitehouse

Here's mine:

TV + Video 1.5%
DVD/LD 10%
Pre-amp/Processor 14%
Power Amps 15%
Speakers + Sub 24%
Projector + Screen 20%
Mains + Supports 3%
Cables 12.5% ( :blush: )


Display (PJ) - 61%
Speakers - 18%
Amp - 14%
DVD - 6%
Cables - 0.5%
Mini-fridge 0.5% (lol)

Still no sub though... and let's not include furniture costs :D



No doubt the speakers are the most important items in any stereo or AV system, but... They must fit the room, or the room made to fit them.

The powers have to handle speakers properly and fill the room, some are quite difficult to drive, some room are large or dead, so they may be quite expensive...

Then comes the processor, when music is the priority, and we want good surround for music as well, we need good, clean, bass management, upgradeability, etc... and good processors are quite expensive too. If you listen to music in stereo, you can get away with cheaper receivers for movies...

The moment one gets into serious viewing, projector or plasma, the % will shift a lot again, but there, the display will be as important as the speakers, and probably cost about the same...

After all, the speakers are important because they do the hardest work, transform electricity into something we sense, but so does the display...

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