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What do you see and would you say something?

True Romance

Distinguished Member
OK so was sat at home yesterday afternoon when heard a bit of a commotion outside, a scream and car revving. When I looked out the front window I could see this young lady (18-19 ish) getting out of her car to close the passenger side door and she was in a right state. She then got back in the car and looked very distressed. My first thought was someone had tried to get into the car so I went out to see if she was OK. She said it was her boyfriend having a argument with her. Said she was ok and just needed to calm down before she could drive off. Seemed a little odd so I checked my CCTV to see what had happened.

Now I'm pretty sure I can see what occurred but could you please watch the video and tell me what you see? The boyfriend goes back into a house a few doors up. Apologies for the for poor quality but I had to zoom in. It does look like I'm recording from behind a wall but its just me filming the TV screen.

The question is should I say something to his parents (if you see what I see) or is it best left alone?



Distinguished Member
Good on you for asking if she was OK, but really, nothing else you can or should do in my opinion.


Distinguished Member
Bunch of weird hand movements and then blew a kiss/flobbed on her car.
Wouldn't say anything, he looks like a right sort.

ps. I'd be terrible with CCTV cameras


Distinguished Member
No viddy :(

Someone spat in someone's face? What is to say? I'd muster a shrug at most.

Okay, she may not give me her lace handkerchief as a lady's favour and there may not be pistols at dawn but "Meh..." :)


Distinguished Member
7/10 - Would watch again.


Can't see the vid but if there has been a domestic with someone spitting on the other then that need reporting to the police, anonymously if needs be

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