what do the pubs have to get the saturday prem games?


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could anyone tell me what the pubs etc have to get the prem footie on a saturday and roughly what cost or maybe some links,thanks in advance


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lol thanks for the quick reply mate but i mean the norwegian channels etc,its for home use only but im interested in a alternative to sky besides why the hell we cant watch are on football league when the greeks can is beyond me lol.


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Any sites with FAQ on these Motorised dishes? Places to purchase?

Also what are the costs of these Saturday Premiership games? Free?(ie. just point the dish the correct way?)


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costs well would be of the dish and receiver. to have the best chance of getting them an 1metre dish is best but depends on where you are in the uk. any fta digital receiver would work fine.


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try websites satdudze ,toecutters den ,its a grey area prem football on saturday,some free mostly turkish,the others are encryted,legal subs can be bought but prices high 600 quid but you will get all sky games plus 2 or 3 on a saturday.the other way is a hacked card or a pc loaded with the codes plugged into receiver,i have a 1.1 dish motorised,humax 5400 receiver had 4 about 2 years no probs at all.arsenal wolves.man u everton on at 3 today if u like footy its great 4 champions legue ,italian,spanish footy


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If you are going down this excelent path to the footy + many film chanels get the humax 5400 it is the bees knees I have upgraded mine many times via the pc to the latest software
programing is easy lots of help from fellow humax owners
you can get cards you program your self usualy every 3 to 7 days (cost about a tenner) depends when they change the codes ,some of the chanels are auto updated over the air but i find that the good ones require to have new codes inputed via programer there is a matrex reloaded cam that works with out a card suposed to auto upgrade on 30 deg west i have read that there is problems with it at the moment & requires codes to be inputed
Have said that one card ( penta) is surposed to auto update all the chanels useing the conax incription on 1deg west in practice though it has reqired reprograming every 3 months or so if you fancy this card it costs around 300 notes & is hard to get but is i think the best given the amount of channels in english that it allows you to watch

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