what do i risk in using an uncertain power supply with new components


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lately my mobo broke. im not sure if the psu is linked to that or if that is even possible. feel free to educate me on that.

im looking to installing a new mobo with it i dont know
first if i cant test and certify myself it isn t brokent?

do i risk damaging other components it i plug it and indeed it was broken psu. how can that affect other parts.



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I wouldn't but that's just me, spend a bit more and get another PSU


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Do you know what the problem is you're trying to test for? Proving that the power supply is totally free of all possible problems would be tricky.


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i have no clue i just assume is the mobo broke maybe it is the psu I know nothing in alll humililty.
but i wonder if using a faulty psu can break new components i would buy?


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Given that every single component in your PC relies on the PSU, if you think that it maybe defective, then it is a big gamble to take using it to power new components. As previous posters have said, not the easiest thing in the world to check. Without knowing how your MoBo failed its hard to know if the PSU was the root cause or if the failing MoBo damaged the PSU. For my money I would replace it (actually i just did with a Superflower Leadex III 750w 80+ Gold). Without a decent PSU your PC is never going to run at its best.


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I wouldn't trust a Antec PSU as far as i could throw it, in all my years building PC's I've only ever had 2 PSU's fail and both were Antec one of which actually caught fire so no don't use it as it's not worth it.
To answer your inital question:
If the new parts you connect to the MoBo are not rated for the power usage of the PSU; You risk blowing up your new parts.

To answer your second question:
Yes the power supply can effect the motherboard, as this is what powers *ALL* components of your system.


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I can see that you are still unsure about this PSU

The choices are very simple

- you have confidence that the supply is not defective, it meets your power requirements - use it
- you do not have confidence that the power supply is defective - do not use it, buy a new PSU

There is little point asking lots more questions as all of your questions have been answered. Unless you can test (on a board rig that you are happy to sacrifice) what the PSU is outputting on the 12v and 5v rails and how smooth the output is then I would direct you to my 2 options above. Without testing it is hard to know if the PSU is:

1. Responsible for killing your previous motherboard
2. Is still working properly

Me, I'd bin it and buy new - its 10 years old and well past its sell buy date. Go and buy a new 80 Gold or better PSU. A decent PSU will come with a 5+ year warranty and will be more energy efficient.

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