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what do I need?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by broch15, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. broch15


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    I am need of some advice from you very clever people! (hope sucking up helps)

    Currently I have a Sky+ ver 1 box and a Philips DVDR 610 DVD Recoder all currenly connected a 28" WS tele. I am upgrading to a plasma display shortly and feel that sorting out the audio first might be a good idea.

    I am not sure how to start, I have my eye on a Denon AVR1705 receiver. Would such a device allow me to listen to movies in full surround from both SKy and the Philips? or is there a better way. I also would require a set of speakers and a sub. I dont realy want to spend a fortune - £800.00 for the lot would be about right.

    Many thanks for your time
  2. jasonl

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    im not familiar with your sky+ box and your dvd recorder but if they have any digital coaxial/optical output that passes dd/dts streams, then the 1705 can process them for you

    for £800, you can get some decent systems but i suggest you invest more in speakers first and get an entry level av amp (so you can start enjoying the full surround experience) then just upgrade as you see fit, although ideally, i would have suggested you take it slow and get the right gears as you go along

    you can start with the monitor audio bronze speaker packages or the acoustic energy evo3 packages, both packages are complete 5.1 speaker setups...the MA B2 packs goes for around £650 and the MA B4 pack goes for about £850 though, then the AE Evos are bout £700 ish

    for the amp, you can start with last years' models which can be had for a bargain nowadays so it fits in your budget.... harman/kardon avr130, denon 1604, denon 1803, marantz 4300, pioneer vsxd814, yamaha rxv350 etc

    loads of choices really though i like the pair of harman/kardon with the monitor bronze

    hope this helps a bit

    edit: the 1705 might just fit in your budget, didnt realize offhand that it's going at a very good price at the moment

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