What do I need?


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Hi Guys,

Basically I will be using an amp/dac/speakers and i want to have it all connected so:

A) Music plays from my Laptop
B) Sound for my TV / PS3

Is it easy to connect it all up so I dont have to keep changing wires etc?

Dont know what wires I need to connect DAC to amp or the usb one from laptop to DAC.


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we need a bit more info

which Dac?, Laptop?, Amp?, tv?


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Sony Vaio VGN-FZ11S laptop
Arcam Alpha A85 Amp

The DAC I haven't bought yet but likely to be Musical Fidelity's one..


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In terms of speaker cabling, I was going to get the QED Silver Anniversary unterminated w/banana plugs - any better options?

Set-up is Monitor Audio RS8s with Arcam Diva A85

Considering the amount I've spent on my system, I don't want it to be let down with cabling, but again don't want to spend an insane amount when it isn't needed.

I'm not sure what interconnect you need from DAC > amp and the same applies as above...
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ok assuming your laptop has optical out from the 3.5mm headphone jack you need the following

3.5mm optical adapter and optical cable (or ixos make a complete one)
Toslink to 3.5mm Jack Converter - Digital Optical Cables - Audiovisual Online - High Quality Audio Video Cables and Accessories

into v-dac
phono cables
into amp
speaker cable - IMHO nothin over £2 per m - vandamme blue will be fine

(if no laptop optical out then usb to tybe b usb into dac)

AV online sells everything you need

now for the TV we need to know its outputs?
if you want to run optical out from tv then its usb from laptop as one one optical on v dac - other dacs have two opticals

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