What do I need to Wii....


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I know I need the console what else for multi player fun ?

(and Games)

Classic controllers for the retro games via VC ?

What else ?


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The console plus friends :thumbsup:
seriously though you can use the wi remote for nes games that you download, megadrive and n64 games require a gamecube pad or the classic controller, obviously you need one each for multiplayer fun. Wii sports requires only one wii remote for multiplayer bowling and golf, for tennis youll need a remote each, for baseball you need one each, same with boxing plus you'll need a nunchuck each. Same with monkey ball really, some of the mini games you just need a wii remote per player, some you need a nunchuck each as well, hope this helps :smashin:


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To get a good multiplayer experience I'd say at least a extra wiimote and nunchuck. My plan is to eventually get 4 wiimotes and 2 nunchucks.

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