What do i need to upgrade?


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I have a pc (duh).It has my old computers monitor and speakers.
The specs are (All that is in My computer properties)

Microsoft xp Home Edition
Time computers
Amd athlon
1.25 ghz (think this might need upgrading)
512 MB of ram
Radeon 9500 (used to be radeon 9500/9700 when they advertised it :confused: )

Anyway i would like somthing that plays half life 2 and Im on a budget of £100 -150 (heh I only get pocket money :rolleyes: )


P.S I only know a little about Pc components , what they do etc.


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Well thats a tight budget for a gaming system - especially if its intended for future games like HL 2. My suggestion is hold off for a while since this game probably won't be released for another 6-8 months anyway. Building a machine for it now wouldn't be a wise move. However, if you're upgrading to play some of today's games as well, then the most effective upgrade would be the motherboard, CPU and memory and keep all other parts of your system. These are items from Komplett and Crucial:

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X-X........ £54.05

CPU & Cooling: AMD Athlon XP2500+........ £59.91

Memory: Crucial 512MB DDR PC2700........ £52.86

The other snag is you *probably* need to upgrade your power supply too. This will set you back another ~£50 (i.e. http://www.overclock.co.uk/customer/home.php?cat=372).

You also mention you know little about PC components. Obviously this lot will need to be installed by someone. Will a friend / relative be able to help you out with this? Unfortunately, if this isn't possible, then it'll mean even more money for someone to do it on your behalf... :(.





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Hmm, thanks for the replies.
Dont think i have a relative who can install them:( , but I have installed a cd-rw before (not that thats much).
Think i should just wait and think about it.



I have been talking to my mate who know a lot about computers and he thinks what I said would be unlikely. You would have to go into the computer and see what make and serial number of the MB for you to find out, and said a new Motherboard would be the best option.
He said a real cheap option would be to get a motherboard with a graphics card already on but would not be very good for modern games.


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Been thinking about this again and do you think I could get away with just asus mother board with a stick of 512mb ddr .As this will help me for future upgrades (would allow me to save up for a processor) because i need a new mother board .
The asus supports sdram so i could mabye put in my old memory from my current board. What you think?


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I would say not really no, the current mainstream chips are the last of their generation, the next generation will require completely different motherboard CPU slots.

If you want to upgrade for HL2, then wait for HL2 to come out and see what the specs are. I would simply save up more money, until you can afford to buy a new mobo/cpu/memory/gpu combo.

You are better off waiting and upgrading to the next gen at this moment. You may even be surprised and find that HL2 is semi playable with your current system.

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