What do I need to do to get 5.1 on my home theater pc!


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I have recently built a htpc to view my divx/dvd`s on my plasma.

I have a 5.1 soundcard with an optical spdif output that is connected to the receiver.

However, when I play dvd/dvix that I know is encoded in 5.1 the receiver simply says pcm 44.1 and plays in stereo rather than in 5.1

Any ideas?

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What sort of card do you have? It is normal to tell the software player installed to output via the spdif on your soundcard. We need more info!


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The soundtrack is most likely encoded with the AC3 codec, so you need to install AC3 filter for it to work (free software).


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Yeah sorry was a bit sparse with info lol!

The sound card is a terratec one with an optical out - which is plugged into optical input on receiver.

I have managed to set it up to output via media player in glorious 5.1 but when I use home theater software like meedio it wont output sound. Do I need a plugin?

I am using the ac3 filter software/codec
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