What do I need? Sky on a Barco 701s *Newbie needs help*



Hi, Im a bit thick when it comes to all this Projector stuff so need a little advice, well a lot really :confused:

I have a Barco Data 701s with no wires other than the power lead. I want to connect my sky box to it but I have no clue what wires i need, could someone advise me on what i need and where abouts i could get them, prices would be helpful too.

Also does anyone have a spare remote that'll work with the 701s, I was thinking of buying one off B4 or CRT projectors but if anyone else has one spare quite cheap let me know?

Thanks From a newbie!!!

Mr Cinema

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To get the best out of the projector will require a lot of work. CRT is the best but it's also the most time consuming if you want to do it justice. As an interim you could use the composite out (yellow phono) to the composite in on the Barco, but without some other processing the results won't be great. I'm not sure if the RGB out from the scart is compatible with the 701s as there are synch issues. Someone else will have to help you there.

In reality you are going to have to methodicaly build a whole system based around some kind of deinterlacer or scaler. I use an Iscan Pro with my 701s and the results are very good. For that you will need a breakout VGA to BNC cable.

The question you ask sounds simple but the answers are complicated. Do a search on this forum or talk to some of the great dealers that frequent this forum. They will sell you the kit you need and give you the right advice. And be prepared to spend a fair amount of money!


Thanks for the info Mr Cinema :)

Okay i spoke to a bunch of people from the board including [email protected] and they've all advised getting a RCA/phono to BNC cable which i got from maplins today, the thing is my sky box doesnt have the yellow phono slot, do sky boxes usually have these? I just have the white and red phono slots... My dvd has one so i tryed that out and wow its great, i put this up for sale/swap in classifieds but the advice about keeping it was great, gizlaroc was especially helpful so i took it off sale and played around with it a bit and got a clear readable screen, still got to do the convergence which im sure is gona be a total pain!

Another question i have is how do you change the projector from front/ ceiling mode to floor mode or whatever its called?

Cheers everyone :)


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send me a pm with an email address and I will mail you the install manual, dont know why it asked for a password on the barco site, this will show you how to swap the cables over for floor/ceiling/front/rear.

try downloading the manual for the 701mm (under the vision section I think)

keep at it mate, you were getting rid of it yesterday and now you are catching the bug ;)

I would try and get an iscan pro, this will line double your sky, dvd etc. which is what you need for this projector. having said that do you know if it has a lido line doubler in it already, that is if the 701 could take it ?? don't know alot about barcos I am afraid.

Convergance doesnt really get any easier than on a barco though, it has probably the best set up menus of any crt from what I have seen.

all the best with it :)

edit: try this manual


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