What do I need in a future proof 7.1 receiver


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I'm a total noob when it comes to amps, receivers and all things audio. Last audio system i brought was a 5.1 speaker to go with my ps2 in 2001. I've been using that on my dvd player, and then onto my ps3 via an optical cable. Long as the Dolby Digital light was on I was happy

anyway i've got rid of the tatty looking speakers and want something more worthy of being in my living room

I want a cinema system that will take 5.1 speakers but can also be capable of playing 7.1 (when i add more speakers/more to a bigger place few years down the line)

It must also play 7.1 in true format not just modify the signal (I think it's called true hd)

Also i've heard it being said, but *** exactly is 'Multi-Channel Input'...is it important? What would happen if i connected a source that had a decoder built in? Would it not produce 7.1, would it just be muted?? :confused:

What is Thx certification about?

Having said all that can I get a system (receiver + speakers) for around 500-700 pounds

What difference would it make if i brought an amp + speakers separately? Would I still need a receiver?


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I would not wory about THX, especially in your budget range. If the reciever you want has i then great but plenty of good recievers without it.
Your budget should get you a good entry level reciever and speakers so no worries there.
I would alway go for a separate AV reciever and speakers (better sound quality and more connectivity) and with your budget look for a reiever around the £250 mark with the rest spent on speakers. Currently you could get the Sony 2400ES (£250 from amazon) and Q Accoustics 1010i (£250 from Richer sounds) for your budget (they used to cost around £1k as a pair so a real bargain).
Do not worry about multi channel inputs as these are only needed if you had an older reciever that does not decode HD audio. Since you will be getting a HD reciever they are not going to be needed.


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While I would agree with what psm1 has suggested a future proof receiver would need to be 3d ready such as the sony str-dh810 though the 2400 is better in every other aspect
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