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what do i need, help me out please guys, amp/speaker package


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I am sure its been asked a 1000 times and I have read and read, just would like some input if possible please.

i want an amp and speaker package, decent bass, my main thing would be, I want it to be good for hd movies, sources will be, my media center pc for hd stuff, wii, xbox, vm hd, my tv is only 720p at the moment but will be upgrading soon.

I have already cabled 3 hdmi cables into wall, wii scart and xbox component, but i would be happy changing them onto 1 hdmi if this is possible with upconverting, I also have an option for optical out of my xbox lead at the amp end.

I am a bit lost of if I need upscaling/converting, I would like to input at least the xbox, v hd, media center pc into the amp and be able to get sound out of them all into the 5.1 system.

I will get an optical out sound card or hdmi hd graphics card with sound also for the pc before finalising.

my budget for the amp and speakers is around 500, i was set on the jamo 102 and onkyo amp but all the reading ive done im lost between warm and bright stuff and the best thing to do, please advise..

thanks in advance


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The Onkyo and Jamo may not be the best combination as they are both deemed to be bright. However, we are all different and there are certainly people on here with this combination and very happy with it. If you do plan to have this combination make sure you demo it first to ensure you like it. A more popular choice with the Onkyo is the Tannoy SFX (also with Sony) with the Jamo often being paired with Yamaha/Denon recievers.
If you want upconversion then you will need to get at least the Yamaha 565 (£270) which is the cheapest reciever to do this. Upconversion would cetainly make your cabling simpler but since you have the wires in the wall anyway this may not be so much of an issue although with the 656 and Jamo speakers you are just about within your £500 budget.
Personally I would not worry about upscaling in these budget recievers as your TV wil most likely do as good a job if not better. Pick a reciever for the sound quality it produces more than if it upscales or not.


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so if im right, upconversion is simply you can plug say component into your amp and have it routed through hdmi ? so i could put the xbox into the amp and then from the amp to tv via hdmi upscaled to 1080i?

If I am routing all the video through the amp for example pc to amp then amp to tv, does that mean the amp will have to deal with the encoding in same way pc does? or does it just pass signal straight through without getting involved?

I think just the right combination of inputs is the best bet, a couple of opticals and 3-4 hdmi should be fine, the wii goes straight to the tv, the xbox will be optical to the amp and component to the tv, v hd and pc will be hdmi to amp to tv so that all should work.

its the just the combination for the sound, i guess to get the deals its hard, ive found buying stuff online very messy sometimes specially since you cant try it first... and i dont wanna be forced into onkyo by rs staff, as ive read about so much on here :)


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you seem to be asking the exact same question as i have been for the last few days ......

I too have a £500 (ish) budget for amp and speakers and i would also like it all to run using the 1 hdmi out to the tv.

In the last few days i have thought over all the various different combinations and i have come to the following conclusion for the reasons stated.

Amp = Yamaha 765 @ £338 - from what info i have obtained the 765 is far superior to thje 565 (build quality)

Speakers = Jamo a102's @ £230 - again from the info i have aquired the jamo's are a very good pairing with the Yamaha amp

I know that is slightly higher than the £500 budget but i think when buying stuff like this it maybe helps to spend a small amount more to get a better setup. I plan on taking a trip to richer sounds and attempting to haggle a little with them ;)

Most of my info has been aquired from here so if something i have said is wrong i'm sure someone will correct me.

Wayne :)


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The amp will just pass the video signal straight through or upconvert it to HDMI if needed. Most can upscale the signal as well but at the budget level most TVs will do as good a job if not better than the reciever anyway.

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