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What do i need for my 'Perfect PC'?


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Hi All,

Right i'm moving house and will have a bit of cash, so i'm finally upgrading my PC (which is well overdue!) previously i have had an old cr*ppy system that i got from work, only been used for internet access really. Bare with me cos i really dont know the first thing about the internal workings etc etc!

Here are my needs:

I will be using it on an LCD TV (approx 23" but not sure yet) wall mounted

I want to use it for (approximately in order of usage):
-Internet browsing
-Downloading TV programmes
-Downloading Music
-Creating DVD's/CD's
-Watching DVD's
-Viewing and printing Photos
-Playing games
-General Office work Excel/Word etc

So the things i want are 5.1 (or more) capability with speakers (if possible wirless but not sure what qualitythey would be), High Def capability, Bluetooth, decent graphics card (not neccesarily top of the range!), DVD-RW, floppy drive, memory card reader and anything else you think may be necessary.

I have someone who can build it for me, just tell me the things i need and why, oh and my budget is about £500.

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers Rob

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You are cutting it a bit fine with a budget of £500, but it is certainly possible. Is it going to be in the lounge.. in which case do you want a silent/quiet cool looking HTPC case with quiet fans and psu? That could take a lot of your budget if you do...

Aside from that a basic minimum main spec would be a 3ghz processor, 1gb of RAM, look at a fsb of 400 or more if poss, a decent graphics card, I recommend an Nvidia 6600/6600gt and the nvidia purevideo codec. With regard to sound will you be connecting to an av amp for your 5.1 sound, or will you connect speakers direct to the pc... if you have an av amp you could get away with a more basic sound card and use spdif out. And as much hard drive space as you can afford.

Thats something to start you off anyway...
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I think £500 is plenty, after all I'm using a PC that cost that much two years ago to watch hi-def on. The only thing where you might be lacking in the near future at that budget is hard disc space if you plan on watching hi-def stuff - I have 820GB now after gradual upgrades.

As a guideline pick something form here:


Add about £80 for a decent graphics card (6600 as mentioned) then see whats left for hard drive (may want to add more later) DVD writer (only about £30) and case (cost varies depending on how important looks are to you)


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Thanks for the replies people! :)

Some answers to your questions, The PC will be in the dining room, i'm hoping to hide the PC away some where in the corner of the room in a cabinet or something and use a wireless keyboard/ mouse so i'm not too bothered what it looks like. With regards to noise, as long as it doesnt effect my TV/DVD viewing i dont mind. I have a Pansonic projector in my main room and the fans on that are fine.

I will be connecting the 5.1 system straight to the PC as my Amp is powering my primary surround system is in the lounge, this will be used mainly for DVD's when someone else is using the lounge.

With regards to storing HD material on the hard drive, i'm not sure i will be keeping the programmes on there after i've watched them, but might as well have as much space as possible, and can always upgrade at a later date.

Thanks for the link i'll have a look at lunch time.

Thanks again! :thumbsup:


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