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I dont know whether to buy the Hannspree JT 32" or not, the advantages and disadvantages seem to be equal. And some people say "yes there is tearing and ghosting" and others say, "its Sony quality!" Who do i believe?

And i also read the TV sometimes freezes when changing source and requires a hard reboot to work again properly.

Can someone post pics of this TV?

Please reply.


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Well, they said it's blurry when the Noise Reduction function turned on.

But, Sony Bravia is alos blurry when the Noise Reduction function turned on !!

Because it should always be left OFF unless you're watching analogue TV, an old VHS tape or a LaserDisc - and even then it's debatable.

Oh... just remembered, my Sony 40V2500 has a famous bad HALO problem, it is a troubled edges on different colour boundaries create uneven blotchy colour along the edges.
I should have taken pocket-friendly Hannspree while waiting for Samsung LED backlight technology.


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