Question What do I do with this Macbook Pro???


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My son has a Macbook Pro A1502 2014 that he managed to spill milk on a while ago. We managed to get it working again for a while, but then the screen went dark, (we did the light behind the logo trick and could see that the icons were there). I then did the dangerous trick of looking online for possible solutions etc and came across Louis Rossman video's that showed him fixing this problem, (and making it look very easy), by replacing the connector from the mainboard to the screen, (part cost about £5 IIRC). To cut a long story short, got the old connector off, but did not manage to get the new one on properly so have left it off, (connector is about 15-20mm wide with around 20 soldered joints on, a microscope and soldering iron about an atom wide seem to be just about what is needed here!).
We decided that it was time for an upgrade for him anyway and sourced the ideal replacement from these very forums. I am now trying to decide what to do with the old MB Pro. It does have a bend in it, (no idea how that happened), so when you look at it from the front, the lower part has a dip in the middle, but apart from this, when you use an external monitor via HDMI, everything works perfectly. I don't want to sell it for peanuts as it is still usable, and may be an easy fix for someone with the right equipment to replace the connector, and I am therefore reluctant to put it on Ebay as stuff like this rarely goes for decent money. Does anyone know where it would be best to advertise this for serious people to buy? and also, what kind of money would we be talking about?, We are obviously trying to get as much back from this as possible to offset the purchase of the newer one he bought.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, TIA


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Unfortunately the reality is a liquid motherboard damaged MacBook with a failed repair isn’t going to have any real value beyond spare parts for a potential buyer.
Like you say, maybe just use it connected to a keyboard monitor and mouse.

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