What do I do with my PX42


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Right here is my problem........

I have a Panasonic PX42 with the dreaded purple snakes and it's only 22 days old.:mad: :mad:
I have been to my retailer today for a exchange TV and was told an Engineer needs to visit tomorrow to clarify the problem....

Right...so hopefully :rolleyes: he will say "Yep you got Sankes Boy" (well perhaps not that but you get my drift:rotfl: ).
He will then (hopefully again!!!) issue me with a number so I can go to my store and get a replacement....:smashin:

Now the problem...do I change 1 Panny for another Or do I exchange for the Pioneer PDP4270XD...which I believe is a better TV..... I didnt get the Pio in the 1st place Cos the Panny has such a good report in all the Mags.
:lease: Help Me decide.....:lease:


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Upgrade to 50PX60 for a little more money, you know you want to!

I know....I feel the force tellin me to :D but computer (wife) says NO :(

What do I do...Panny or Pio :rolleyes:

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