What display will give PAL progressive?


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Feb 28, 2001
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Okay, so with the official launch of PAL progrssive, are there any displays out there that can actually use this?

Does a display merely need to be progressive component enabled to get both NTSC and PAL progressive?

Will something like the Toshiba 32ZD26P partnered with the new Arcam DV88+ give PAL progressive?

I wait with baited breath. :confused:

the only crt tv tha will display pal progressive via component that i am aware of is the panasonic tx32ph40 , but it is full of problems, really bad moire effects, the aspect ratio settings are very limited and that is enough not to buy it.

the tosh you mention will do ntsc progressive but not pal.

so it leaves you with a choice of most plasmas or a projector.

I think when the new tvs come out in the spring they will be pushing this on the higher end models.

would like to hear if anyone else knows of a decent set that handles it.

edit: I have had the panasonic at my house over the weekend and really wanted to buy it but the cons outweighed the pros.

How do you know this TV is PAL progressive? I have looked on the Panasonic web site and it says nothing about PAL or NTSC progressive, it merely says Advanced Progressive.

It says in the brochure that it accepts proggressive via the component inputs, tried it with a progressive dvd on ntsc and called panasonic to confirm that it would take pal prog.

"All models that have shipped in the last few months are pal prog. enabled and any that are not can be firmware upgraded to take it." was there answer.
I have seen no moire probs with my panny, so I guess its not that clear cut.
Have not seen too many users stating they have had this problem with theirs.
As for the aspect ratio's, if you are using prog scan its rock steady but off air or via a digital decoder it may flick between resolutions from time to time, easy way to stop it is not use auto and just set it to widescreen. As most things are now broodcast in WS it aint a problem.
One good reason for buying it, I aint seen a picture in progscan that can match it on a crt display, even beats the tosh by a long way. Add in pal prog scan and its just about unbeatable, I mean what do you want for just over a grand ????
Just to clarify it DEFINATELY does accept PAL prog scan and displays it wonderfully....
Sorry, I should have said to try before you buy, I have knocked a product based on my bad luck with it.

I actually said in another post that when I had set it up using avai it was one of the most natural looking displays I have ever seen.

It was only the fact that I had problems with moire patterns that I returned it, and the lack of a just mode for the apect ratio.

I had the chance to take another set but was put off after speaking to a panny engineer saying that it was due to the tube used that I had this problem.

Do try and see it in action though as other users have had no trouble at all.
Just a quick note.
I use a free to air DTV box for tele viewing which I have set to onlyoutput WS, this stops the aspect ratio mucking about. On DVD it never does.

Giz what DVD's and at which points in the film were you getting the moire effect ??

I use Harman Kardan DVD25 upgraded to output PAL prog scan, which looks great on this TV. I believe the moire effects are only on NTSC disks is that right ???

Oh btw the answer to your question Ian is, no the Tosh with the Arcam wont produce PAL prog scan.
I got it on all the ntsc discs i tried, ET, resident evil, and superbit fith element. they were the only discs that i had sitting here.

i can post a picture if you want of the effects i wa getting.

I have decided to wait till next year and get a plasma now, as i have a fairly decent 32" anyway and in 2-3 weeks my loft conversion should be done and the money would be better spent on a new scaler/dvd combo anyway.
take a look here

you may need to zoom out a little as the file is 1800x2400 (not got photshop on here at the moment) but have saved it as a jpg

if you use xp then it will scale it to fill screen anyway and you can see the effect clearly, but not as clear using a camera as sitting watching it.
Think you had bad luck there dude, pot luck I guess, but who cares when your getting a plasma :D

Cant say I have seen anything like that on mine, was it noticable from a normal viewing distance ???
yeah it was noticeable, specially down the right hand side of the screen, that shot is about 1/4 of the total viewing area i guess, maybe a little less, but it gives you an idea of how bad it was.

and it doesn't stand out as much in the picture as it did while watching.
Hi Big Al

Ive got a ph40, quite pleased with it apart from rf analogue viewing which i don't use as a result. Trouble is mv dvd (sony dvpns700) is not prog scan. My dvds are all region 2 pal. They look pretty good on the telly. Do you think there is a real jump up in dvd quality when using pal prog on this set? ie I need to decide whether to change my dvd player which is only 2 months old (bought in a package with a sony fq which i had to change!!)
I would say it depends on what DVD player you use of course, the cheapest PAL prog at the moment is the Harman Kardan DVD 25, which I use, and the quality of the disk in the first place.
I have found that with great disks like monsters inc etc you get a much better picture but not as bigger leap in quality as say The Godfather or Contact. I aint got many PAL disks to try but that is what I have found so far.
So I suppose as a lot of PAL reg 2 disks are crap you will really notice the difference.

I noticed I lost a lot more jaggies etc when using prog scan on reg one disks as the resolution aint as good to start with.
I would say yesy its worth it, just depends how much youare going to lose on your existing player.

You can pick up the HK DVD 25 for about £320 to £350, even without a PAL prog scan telly it is a great player.

Watched Beauty and the beast reg 1 yesterday and it was wonderful picture, great depth even for animation.

If you cant buy the HK already upgraded with PAL prog, dont worry as the upgrade is easy to get and do.


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