Question What difference would a new sub make (replacing a REL Q150e)?


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My AV system comprises:
Marantz SR-7011 AVR,
B&W DM 603s2 fronts, B&W HTM62 centre,
B&W DM 550 rears (redeployment of my hi-fi speakers from university days!),
PSB XA Dolby Atmos speakers at the front, and a
REL Q-150e sub a 5.1.2 config.

Sources are Apple TV, Panasonic 820 UHD player, xBox ONE and Virgin Media cable STB.

Just wondering if sub-woofer technology has progressed so much that a change would be a noticeable upgrade?

I like the RELs, they have good timing and sound 'natural' (to my ears) but not sure if they go deep enough. I certainly don't 'feel' anything, or experience some things like 'pressure', that I see other forum members (and reviewers) mention. Hence wondering if I'm missing anything...

Maybe it is a set-up thing. For example, its position is limited to one side of a bay window due to the way its wiring was routed under the floorboards to accommodate the 36" CRT monster I had at the time - since replaced by an OLED which has space behind it now! Hence, wireless connectivity for any replacement is a must.

Budget around £800. Mainly for use with movies/TV and xBox gaming; i used to use this system for listening to music also (so both Neutrik and LFE connections are used) but not so much now.
Size similar to the Q-150e's approx 30cm x 30cm preferred.

martin 39

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I have just done basically the same gone from a rel 201e which i owned from new so 20+ yrs old and gone to a arendal 1961s. I could not believe the difference i have never really felt much though the sofa but that has all now changed hopefully this might help. Also there is the new sb2000 pro which i know of one on this forum going for a good price. But these subs are small with a big punch


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You are restricting your choices heavily if the sub needs to be so tiny, otherwise there could be HUGE gains to be had! The Q150E is basically smaller version of BK Gemini II. Which is the most critical dimension for the sub, width/depth/height?

Example two of the best choices in that price range (750-899£) compact size in mind:

SVS SB2000 Pro: 372mm H x 360mm W x 395mm D
Arendal 1961 1S: 42.7H x 31.5W x 41.5D cm

If you were to stick with REL then model HT/1205 dimensions:
405 H x 376 W x 399D mm

How large room you have, quick drawing with dimensions, sub, tv, couch locations would be nice?! Regarding optional subwoofer placements (if wireless) have you considered example back of room near the couch taller one as "side table"? Keep in mind that you can have different type of wood veneer finishes to suit your room decor, it doesn´t have to be ugly black box. This could be one way to go with larger sub. There is wireless devices available from few brands:



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Thanks for the feedback - apologies for the late response (got a lot going on at the moment... )

The room is approx 4.8m long and 4m wide. About 1m of the length is a window bay, with 45 degree angle straight slopes) - where the TV and floor standers reside, with the sub at one side where the bay opens into the main room. As mentioned in the original post, position of sub is due to current wiring which comes out from under the floor and without proper prior consideration of where the sub would best sit...

Haven't measured ceiling height, but it is a 1930's house so taller than more recent houses. Main listening couch is opposite the bay/TV (longways into the room), with couches either side (big family when all together!). Wooden laminate flooring with a large wool rug in the middle.

w.r.t. the size of the sub: height could be played with, some flex on width but less so on cabinet depth. Would have to look at pulling the TV and floor standers further out into the room if the w/d was much more than c35cm. Unless, as suggested by Gasp3621 - by using the wireless modules I will need, the sub was placed in one of the corners close to the main listening position - which I'm reluctant to do as I'm guessing that would make the sub more obvious, sonically???

Note that timing is important to me (probably more than maximum bass depth) and we do watch a lot of music-related material (concerts, festivals, documentaries, etc).

Thanks again.


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I had a REL q150e, upgraded to SVS PB2000 pro, best upgrade ever, now I want to upgrade it or buy a 2nd one🙈

Get it bought👍


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I am erring to just bite the bullet and get a SVS SB2000 pro. I'll reach out to forum sponsors that have been mentioned to see what is possible.

The PB2000Pro in the picture in @goatlips post looks huge! - i deffo don't have room for that ported monster (and there's no way the missus will allow it, either!)...


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I am erring to just bite the bullet and get a SVS SB2000 pro. I'll reach out to forum sponsors that have been mentioned to see what is possible.

The PB2000Pro in the picture in @goatlips post looks huge! - i deffo don't have room for that ported monster (and there's no way the missus will allow it, either!)...
Take a look at the PC2000 pro, (cylinder) and less footprint and could work for you??


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I did... but boy is it tall. The SB 2000 is probably about as big as I can get away with...
That's a shame, you would be in for a mental upgrade...🤣


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I’ve bitten the bullet on a SVS SB2000Pro... and it arrives today!

Size-wise it is probably the best compromise and everything I’ve read about it is really positive. The smartphone control app was the deciding factor over the Arendal (and the dimensions to an extent). Can’t wait to play with it!

For reference, re my original post/question, I’ve moved my current REL Q150e to within the bay and behind my TV and run another LFE cable from the AVR to the new position on top of the flooring...

This is where the SVS will also sit, although I might have to bring the TV forward a bit to accommodate it (the TV is mounted on a cantilever shelving unit), so not as tidy as before. (both the previous LFE and Neutrik cables are still in situ, going under the flooring - but hidden behind a cabinet, until I work out a way to pull them out... )

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