What devices are 720p/1080p?


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Hi there I've purchased a 47LG5000 which is HD ready and 1080p ready. I was wondering what definition certain tv devices worked at. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Standard Sky:
Sky HD:
Blu Ray:

Also can scart carry a 720p signal to the tv, or is a HDMI cable needed?

Thanks guys.


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Sky HD SD channels are commonly 720x576i and HD channels 1920x1080i or 1440x1080i

DVD is 720x576i

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is 95% of the time 1920x1080p but some titles are 1920x1080i.

1080i is still 1080 lines of unique picture information, however it is spread over time. This means you still have to have a 1080p display to "see" 1080i without downscaling. The assumption that a TV with resolution 1366x768 somehow 1080i or 720p is incorrect. It isn't full HD, it just is what it is.

In the US quite a few HD channels have 720p information broadcast but we do not here. Setting your Sky box to 720p simply means that internally the decoder is taking the 576i or 1080i broadcast, and manipulating it to output at 720p.

Generally scart is used for interlaced SD only. It could technically be used to carry a HD signal after all all scart is is a standard for 21 wires connecting to a certain amount of pins in a certain shaped plug. Generally though component, RGBHV, HDMI and DVI are the signal standards used to transmit HD signals.

Hope this helps, there should be lots of info you can search on for more information.

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