What device to get. flash/HDD


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Im sure you get these sort of question all the time, but im a noob to this particular section of the AV Forums.

Currently use a 10gb I pod with i Tunes.

But not happy with the battery life and the fact that apple dont let you manage your own music the way you want. (ie, not letting you copy MP3's to other PC's)

So I have a couple of players ive been looking at and was wondering if you guys have used these and what you think of them.

My first choice would be the use of flash players rather than HDD players since they have no moving parts and are small and light, and use less battery than HDD type players.

I realise that flash costs more, and has less capacity.

As far as I know, only Apple (i pod nano) and Sony (NW A1000) have a player that is 4gb.
This being the highest.

I was wondering what your opinions are on these players.

The Sony player is out in Japan but im not sure if you guys have it in the UK yet?

Heres a link to what it is just incase.


If anyone has this, what is it like? Any good? What about software? Is it easy to use. (Compared to i tunes)

Other than these 2 players, are there any other similar players?

Finaly Im also lookng at Panasonics new SD player.
SV-SD 100V.


Since you can get a 1gb SD card for about 20quid in Japan, it seems like a good option since you can keep buying cards and ever increasing the capacity of the player.
It also has a radion FM tuner built in which is nice.

I havent used panasonics software, so im wondering what thats like compared to i tunes.

Any other favorite products of similar capacity out there?

If none of these products are popular ammong you guys, what is?
What recomendations can you make for the best MP3 player that lets you manage your MP3's the way you want and has easy to use software.

Sorry for the long post. :D


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That Sony players is a 6GB HDD player, the only 4GB PSS (flash) player is the nano, no-one else can afford to bring such a high capacity player to market yet.


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Your right about that sony player. I thought it was flash.

Ah well. That only leaves me with the nano or the panasonic.

The sandisk player looks good. Ill do some more research on it.

Still, compared to the panasonic player, its awfully big. They both practically do the same thing right? use SD cards?

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