What db levels have you set your Dennon 500sd to?


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Just wondering what you all use on your setups? I find I need to rework them between DVD and Xbox, doesn't seem to be bassy enough on the Xbox. Just wondering if any of your configs might sound better :)

Generally for DVD I'm running (room is 4.5m x 4m roughly):

Speaker Config : Sub Crossover 150Hz
Delays : Front, SW & Center - 3.6m, Surround - 0.9m
Channel Level:

Fr L - 6db
Fr R - 6db
Center - 8db
Sr R - 4db
Sr L - 4db
Sub - 8db



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I have everything set at 10 dB apart from the subwoofer which is at 5 dB, in a room that is about 22 foot by 12 foot.

Smiffy 2

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Mine is set up exactly the same as Wickets....
and Nathans
;) ;) ;)


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Cool - I'll give that a bash then to see what its like - cheers chaps!

BTW, is where you sit in relation to the speakers "centre" or "rear"?


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Speaker Config : Sub Crossover 120Hz
Fr L - 2db
Fr R - 2db
Center - 2db
Sr R - 0db
Sr L - 0db
Sub - 0db

I found the sub was to overpowering cus i needed the volume high enough to hear the dialogue and when the action cut in the sub was so loud the wife came down from the bedroom and complained! :( So i changed to the above settings (inc lower sub crossover) and its better but i might pump up the dB on the other speakers a bit more like you lot have it. :)


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Speaker Config : Sub Crossover 120Hz

I couldn't make up my mind about the crossover point on my set up and experimented with 150Hz and 120Hz. Anyway, talked with our sound engineer at work, who mixes some of his work in 5.1, and he reckoned that with the spec of the speakers that the 120Hz setting would miss some of the overall sound detail out. My ears aren't that fine tuned but I now have it set on the 150Hz setting - just mentioned it as food for thought.



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There was another thread on here a few weeks back but I can't find it that said similar about the crossover! Also had some settings in it too!

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