what day & time to go ??


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:confused: Hi everyone I'm in a slight conundrum folks, I live in Norfolk and going on hols to Cornwall a fair journey . The date for this holiday is 2nd of june 2012 a bank holiday weekend. I will have to travel some part of the dreaded M25 Which I hate.Now the inlaws are driving down on the Friday at about 1400 hrs having booked somewhere to stay in reading for the evening,and following on in the morning the rest of the journey.

I was thinking of getting up early sat morning about and setting of about 5am and having plenty of stops on the way down there and hopefully the roads will be quieter ?

I just think that setting of on a bank hol fri would be hell with all the traffic etc ?

would be nice to get other peoples opinions on this journey and how you'd do it?
all the best meloned
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