What Crossover freq should I use?


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Hi all,
I recently purchased a TXSR507 and am a bit lost at how some settings should be configured to get the best out of it. I have it coupled to a Tannoy FX5.1 speaker setup (specs here TANNOY FX5.1 Theater in a box - Dual Concentric driver, Tannoy Studio Monitors, Commercial Ceiling Monitors. Innovator of premium audio solutions utilizing cutting edge acoustic, electronic and digital expertise. CMS Series, Blind Mount, Ceiling Spea )

From the specs it says the speakers range from 4.5kHz to 140Hz and the sub is 45Hz to 140Hz so I assume in an ideal world I would set the crossover at 140 however the onkyo doesnt have a 140 option but 120 or 150 as the nearest to this figure so which would I be best selecting? the speakers are V small and are set to small in the config. When I run the auto setup on the amp it seems to set the crossover to 100 and as I have no idea what I should be setting it to I would be grateful for any advice.

The sub is currently connected by the phono cable but I have read somewhere in the forum that I can run another pair of cables from the front left and right outputs on the amp and connect them to the additional speaker connections on the sub and I assume disconnect the phono connection.

Would this be a better way to go for a better sound? if so do I then convert the amp settings to large speakers on the front and could this damage the speakers if they are trying to handle low frequencies.

I apologise if these are daft questions but the more I try to find out about waht I thought was a simple setting the more confused I get.

Also again probably a daft question but as the sub is powered what volume level should I have it turned to when using the setup mic to calibrate everything? the room is carpeted with the sub sitting directly onto the carpet and at present is located behind the TV so it cannot be seen.

While I think on, my speakers are 8ohm and the onkyo has settings for 4 and 6, I have selected 6ohm in the settings is this correct and why is 8ohm not available I thought this was the most common!!

The amp is mainly used for movie watching via a popcorn hour if this helps, sorry if these are daft questions but I am sure I wont be the first to come at all this without much of a clue.
Thanks in advance for any help / advice.
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