What cross over freq setting on 1906 amp


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Hi chaps just fine tuning my denon 1906 amp and just wondering what cross over frequency setting i should us on the amp. I have mission M74 fronts M5C centre, 77DS and MS6 sub, what effect will it have on the sound if its not set correctly.

Ta :)


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Personally I'd start at 80hz then tinker from there. If it's set to low then you'll have a hole in the frequency response, if it's set too high then you may get a boomy sound or the bass becomes too localizable.


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80hz is the way to go.

I have a Mission speaker set up (M53 fronts, M31i rears, M7C2i front centre, M3C1i rear centre, MS10 sub) using the Denon 1906, and have set all speakers apart from the fronts to small.

This will allow, (correct me if i'm wrong), more bass to the sub and leave the rears to concentrate on effects, and the centre to deal with dialogue.

With the crossover on the 1906 set to 80hz, the sub delivers controlled bass which you can hear and feel without it being overblown.

Just my humble opinion, but worth a go I think.

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