What CPU for Gaming ? Core 2 E8600 or Quad Q9550 ?

I was going to post pretty much what oggie just said - OC on the E8500 easily achieves 4Ghz on the stock cooler. I am not just saying this because I think its true - check the tests that have been done, most of them are listed in my old posts.

That simply becuase the games where not re-written to make use of multi cores, ones which will be, will on quad cores be able to out run the E8600 and any other dual core around.
Exactly what I said with one important execption and I will phase it as a question.

Why are games not being written to use 2 or 4 cores ??? surely this is a good idea ? Come to think of it why are many apps also not written this way ? Multiple cores have been around for ages ?????

Heres a good quote from a while back

"WE spoke with many developers including some big names and we learned that they can't make much sense out of quad or more core CPUs. They confirm that they can put two cores to good use but not much more. The main problem is that the performance is far from scalable.
You have to spend both time and money to resource the programmer to try to make sense out of the dual core CPU. It takes up to a year to optimise the game for more threads and even if you make the perfect job you can count on twenty to thirty percent performance increase, and this is the best case scenario.

Once you start making the multi threaded game you end up making and having the multithreaded bugs as well.

You can keep one core busy with the physics and collision detection, second core will have to wait for the score to move on with the Artificial intelligence while the third core could possible calculate the graphic data. In this best case scenario you have to realise that the core number two and three would always have to wait for the core number one to finish its job and pass the job to the cores two and three. In this concept there is absolutely no place for quad core as games are non parallel applications. A game developer expert said that you can use the core number four to stream and load the data in the game and this is what the guys at Remedy did at IDF quad core demonstration. But this takes time and money and it is not commonly embraced by developers.

Game developers are in the dawn of dual core programming and now all the sudden AMD and Intel wants them to go quad core. For the time being Quad cores are good for rendering and serves but not for games."

We have quads we want to use them but as they stand its not going to happen just yet - the proof is sitting in the shops right now - virtually no quad optimized games, they just arent needed for games so no one bothers.


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E8600 can be overclocked to 4.0 GHz easily while Q6600 cant do that. Also Q6600 is 65 nm chip with highest recommended temps of 62.2°C while E8600 is 45nm and max temp of 72.4°C. Means that E8600 uses less electricity and runs at lower heat, can also be overclocked to higher speed cuase of temps :cool:
But you're still running 2 cores so the equivalent output of dual core cpu = 8ghz overclocked.

But the equivalent output of Q6600 quad core cpu on standard settings = 9.6 ghz.


I see your point of view but i still feel Quad cores are better as although games need a lot of processing power, converting old VHS tape to DVDs need a lot more number crunching and thats where quad cores start to shine.

This debate will go on forever as the dual core people will say dual cores are the best, quad core people will say no quads are the best.
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To simplify :-

Quad core is best if the application can utilise all 4 cores.

Dual core is best if the application can only utilise either 1 or 2 cores.

Make a list of the applications and games that you'll be using, investigate whether or not they support multi-core processors, and base your purchase on the outcome. :smashin:

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I got a Q9650 E0 stepping CPU sitting here waiting to be installed. Hopefully my replacement 780i FTW will be here soon.

But does anyone have one, or know how much the Q9650 can overclock?


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But you're still running 2 cores so the equivalent output of dual core cpu = 8ghz overclocked.

But the equivalent output of Q6600 quad core cpu on standard settings = 9.6 ghz.
Once again, it does not work like that. You do not have a total processiing power or 8Ghz or 9.6 Ghz. The load is spread of each core seperately.

If the above was true then Windows OS should recognise as my CPU being clocked at 14.4 Ghz. But it doesn't.

As for people saying chip "x" overclocks easy. This cannot be applied to every chip. Not every Q6600 will OC to 3.6 Ghz easily. Some don't even OC that will. It will depend entirely what chip you get, it's revision number and all sorts of other things.
Fair enough Jetfinder - but this thread was about games. Theres no question a video encoder written to use multiple cores will run better on a quad - its a given. :)

I am purely a gamer on my home PC so I optimize (vs cost of course) my rig for this reason. I would have a quad if I was better for the money or equal or if I believed that more and more quad optimized games were coming soon in the pipeline but there not and after reading some of the developer stuff I can understand why.

My main concern is that I keep reading - "there coming, there coming - hold out for the quad core gaming revolution" ok I am being a drama queen there its not that bad :) but everything I see says its not coming under the current hardward lifetime and that its not actual much of a revolution as games arent good at spreading the workload because, well, there games and they react as you react, in a linear way. Now mulitple gfx cards when done right - thats the revolution baby.


I've just gone for a q6700. It's a bit old, but as others have said (as it's basically the same as the q6600) it's good for overclocking. It's slightly better witha 10x multiplier than the q6600, and you can pick one up pretty cheap on ebuyer at the mo if you go for the OEM version. Good deal as you'll need a better fan to overclock anyways!


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Yeah those q6700 i think are the best value buy at the mo if you can find one, i think they are discontinuing them unfortunately... One other thing to consider is the AMD Phenom 2 is out now so there will be a bit of an intel/amd price war in this and the next month i reccon?
Good deal as you'll need a better fan to overclock anyways!
not on the dual cores E8500 etc - they clock very well on the stock cooler.

mine is running at 4Ghz OC with the stock and I have a SG03 (microAX motherboard size) case so pretty small.


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Are you ruling out the E8400 ??

This CPU is excellent and will clock to 4GHZ so would save you even more over the 8600 to allow you to spend more in other area or g-GOD FORBID = Save money overall!! :thumbsup:


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E8400 - you can get 0 stepping and OC it to 4ghz+ (it is basically the same chip as e8600 just not as good a batch - but it has enough kick for any game except a few hogs that quads also struggle with). You don't need quad if you want to game, complete overkill - most games will benefit more from 1 core at high clock. Game developpers' main focus are consoles, so thinking they are going to change their ways to optimize for PC quads is wishful thinking especially when they are looking to cut dev costs.

IMO best to get a good dual core than a mid range quad and get more bang for your buck and lower temps :).

PS - If you really want to go for quad then you really need to think about i7. Not worth getting still expensive old tech that will be discontinued in not too distant future.
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Hi everyone, I've done a fresh installation of Windows XP 32-bit as I decided to buy the components.

With overclocking in mind, I've settled for:

Biostar TPower i45 (Intel P45 chipset) mobo
Crucial Ballistix Trace 800MHz DDR2 RAM 2x2GB
Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7

and Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 3.3GHz (E0 stepping)

I will run some benchmarks and let you know how I get on..... :thumbsup:

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