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    il try and keep this as simple as possible.

    Im getting a sony 1200ES AV Reciever,and i want everything to plug into it, my dvdr (panasonic ex85)will go in one of the (in)hdmi slots, and my panasonic th50px60 will go into the (out)hdmi slot.I have 1 hdmi slot left,but this will be used for my ps3 when i get one. Then there will be a hdmi cable from the sony 1200ES amp to the the th50px60 , which is used to send everything to the tv. so all my hdmi's connections are used. can i improve on anything at the moment?

    However u still have an old pace ntl box,which only excepts scarts leads,and it also has to little holes which are red and white, not sure what there called but it says audio above it. How will i connect this to the amp, could i connect it to the tv with an ordinary scart which will send the video signal and then connect some cable from the red and white holes (ntl pace box) to the rear of the sony 1200ES av reciever; will that take care of the sound.Is there any better way for me to connect this so that i can get great video and sound quality?

    And i will have my ps2, which i will want to connect up, whats the best way to connect this to the amp, whats the best cable or lead to get the best video and sound quality?

    And in the near future im thinking of hooking up a hardrive to my panasonic th50px60, so the TV acts as a computer screen, what cable and connections should i use, to 1) connect to my tv for the video signal 2)connect to the amp for the audio, this is very important because i wanted to use itunes on the computer to play the music through the amp and speakers, so i need a good quality cable connection that gets the very best audio.

    Is there any other bits of advice where i might be going wrong or where you could inprove my set up

    Thanks in advance

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    The Sony 1200ES only switches HDMI inputs and doesn't upconvert, so you will need to connect the NTL/PS2 separately. You could either connect the NTL box directly to the TV via SCART or use a RGB SCART to component converter and then connect one component lead to the TV for the NTL box and PS2. You can get a PS2 component lead for about a tenner. As component doesn't carry audio, you will need to connect the audio to the 1200ES separately using RCA phono's (red/white audio) cables and optical for the PS2.

    If you are looking for an av receiver that will upconvert (from component) to HDMI do a search on the Onkyo 674E.

    As for connecting your PC, it will depend on the graphics card/sound card output. The most likely is VGA for the video.

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