what colours show up when your Tv needs degauzing ?


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My Sony tv has suddenly developed a a pinkish vertical line which is very noticable on White or light backgrounds on the left handside of the screen about 1 inch thick, I was wondering if its anything to do with my Technics speakers which i recently moved (as you do ! ) to get the best sound,but I thought they would be shielded.
Does anyone have any other ides to clear it ?
Can you do it from the service menu ?


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It should self degauss each time you start up. I've not had a line before usually its more like a stain and in my case bluish. And that was after I moved a speaker across the front. If it is the speakers try moving them much farther away and see if it goes away after your next switch on. All speakers are not shielded and even if they are supposed to be some are better than others

Chris Muriel

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Usually purity faults caused by unwanted magnetic fields produce a blotch (not a line) , typically magenta / pinkish.

Self degaussing requires you to trun off at the mains and let the TV cool down fully - a thermistor or similar has to cool down before degaussing will activate.
You should hear a thump when you switch the mains back onto the television , indicating that degaussing has taken place.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


Well the tv i rented was supposed to do it itself, it had pink triangles in each corner. However it never sorted itself out so got engineers out and the ran this special metal thing over it and sorted it out immedietly. They just told me to make sure leave speakers away from the tv, I thought they were shielded but obviously not, although it never harmed my home tv, maybe just rubbish tv!


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I recently had the Transformer and the Transender changed as well as several modules which had blown when the transformer went,im wondering if my sudden pink is something to with that ?
Ive moved the speakers,switched off at the mains and no change.

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