What colour cabinet do you think suits my room best?


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Hi guys,

Recently purchased a new Panasonic TH-50PZ70 and am looking for a cabinet to sit under it to home various receivers.

Now the household is divided between black and light oak for the cabinet; the cabinet in mind is the Alphason ABR1100. So I've come here for the final decision.

I've attached a picture of the room that it is for.




Your help is much appreciated :)


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As you already have a few wood items I would go for the Oak, personally I wouldn't have a 'black' effect rack for two reasons, 1, it's another black box and 2, it looks really bad if it gets damaged.


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Very spooky post, I am am currently trying to decide the exact same thing with my wife after deciding on the ABR1100 as our new AV cabinet! :cool:

Think I would agree with Light Oak too! :smashin:

These piccies may be handy to get an idea of the finish and build...


Probably going to apply frosting film to the glass once I get mine for a slightly more hidden look.



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For me its ABR1100 Black, but there are a couple of issues to consider;

Wood finishes tend to be very different unless bought in the same batch and from the same 'shade', even then, being natural veneer, the finishes can differ dramatically. Wood and pine don't mix, neither do light and dark wood finishes.

But, if we hadn't got black speaker cabinets already, I would probably have gone for walnut. We have a 'blonde' marble floor (it sounds posh but was laid some 20 years ago by the previous owner and is too beautiful to cover up).

We have purchased from Digico, but Lasky's have the same item for £149, but have no stock currently.
Uncle H


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I have just got the black one today and i'm really happy with it. I prefer it to the wood finishes.

But it all depends what you prefer.

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