What class do you mostly race in and what car used?


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Hi all

Just stumbled across this section and being a massive forza fan, I just have to participate.

So as above really. What class and car used?

Ill have to cat h up with some of you for a few races!



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Hard to say. I think i've probably spent most of my time in B class.

Fave car is probably the ferrari F355C in A class. Just so refined and drives like a dream. By no means the fastest though.

Other notable mentions are the Renault Clio V6 and Renault 5 turbo.


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I don't know exactly what class of car I've spent the most time in but I generally prefer to drive anything in the B to R2 range.

I love the purpose built race cars like the DTMs and ALMS cars, and generally any fast GT car or touring car. In particular, I have a soft spot for the Ford GT, Mercedes SLS, Corvettes, Gallardo, Aston Martins,etc....


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I tend to keep coming back to R3 more often than not. And always in the GT2's (BMW, XKR, 350z etc)

Never raced in B before. Any particular cars that tune and go well in B class?

One thing I can't bring myself to do is go for the Saleens and Joss' in the game. Forza 3 had the Audis dominating the races. I feel I've earned the victory using something else other than these cars

I'll join in the next race meeting if that's ok

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i did the career mode in mainly A & C class. A Lotus Exige in A class with a cracking Gilera replica paint job (tribute to Marco Simoncelli) and a Mk5 Golf GTI with a 4WD swop in manufacturer's Reflex Silver for class C.

Would have done more S class races but couldn't really find a motor to cut the mustard vs. knobhead Rossi in a Ferarri 599XX - that car has immense straight line speed and when you are fighting to come through the pack catching it can be nigh on impossible :rolleyes:


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Always used to race s class and R3 in F3 but since getting F4 and particularly after matts mr2 & mazda race night i have started racing in lower class cars.

Great fun and i have a nice brown retro toyota supra in C class i like racing at the mo.


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A or S class usually and ALWAYS rear wheel drive, and always with all the aids off and manual gears(without clutch). I tend to drive the F430 and either the 458 or the McClaren F1 alot.

I do like the R3 cars, love the Gumpert, it's a handful esp with TC off but its half the fun :)

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