What centre speaker to go with other setup? Thinking Mission M7C1...


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Hi everyone

At the moment my setup is a Pioneer VSX-2016 amp, Mission 753 fronts (bi-amped as I'm only doing 5.1), Mission M70DS rear dipoles, Paradigm PS1000 sub, and a tired old JPW mini monitor as a centre.

I'm very pleased with things at the moment but I want to get a centre that is a bit better, matches in, and that I can mount on the wall beneath the plasma but it needs to be a fairly slim one.

With the other main speakers being Mission, I'm currently keeping my eyes open for an M7C1 centre which is really slim so it has wife placating aesthetics, but do they sound alright? I'm guessing even if there are better centres around it should still give a notable improvement over the JPW one I'm using at the moment?

Any other suggestions that meet the requirements would be gratefully received (I don't have tons of cash available either sadly).

Many thanks!


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If you have Mission fronts get a Mission centre. Get whichever model you can afford and sounds good to you. It does most of the work in films.


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The Mission Centre that matchs the 753's is the Mission 75c. I had 753 and a 75c as my fronts for a long time and they work really well together. It is a much higher quality centre that most of the newer mission centres. Get one of ebay they come up regularly.

Also it is not too big. It sits on the fireplace self in my house very nicely indeed


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M7C1 is not a good centre i strongly recommend you look at one of the other mission centres.


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M7C1 is not a good centre i strongly recommend you look at one of the other mission centres.

I agree the m7c1 is poor ,find a m7c2 much better.


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Bah! Thanks for the replies but I've bought an M7C1 as I spotted one fairly cheap so I thought I'd give it a try. It must be better than the JPW one surely?!

Will look at the other ones mentioned though thanks - they'd only be suitable if they're relatively compact/slim though unfortunately.

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