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Hello all
I have started to see aprearing on the screen jagged lines around the edge of pictures,they clear when the picture stops moving, (these are not the cris cross patterns yo get with rf interference,)
It was really noticable on Star Wars AOTC, Particularly on bright scenes,
I have the Pioneer Dvd 737 connected via component to BNC on back of my Ellie xs300ht,
I have tried to go into the video adjustments on player to cut down the chrominance delay but all to no avail,
Maybe Gordon Roland, CHris could explain what causes this ?

Any help woud be appreciated



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next question where on the planet can i get one ?

i don't know much about scalers etc, i have browsed the forum on this subject,
i assume a scaler does more than adjust picture , as it can only do the job with lines that it recieves - ie the pal signal is X amount of lines whereas hdtv is alot more, is this correct ?

thanx again


Chris Frost

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Scaler is the word we use to describe a piece of electronics that takes an image of one resolution and processes it to make a variety of other resolutions.

For example, a Quadscan Elite scaler can take an ordinary interlaced image from the video output of your DVD player and from it create either a Line Doubled, Line Tripled or Line Quadrupled output as used by CRT projectors. It can also create a range of computer style resolutions - 640x480 pixels (VGA), 800x600 (SVGA) and 1024x768 pixels (XGA) to suit single lens projectors.

Quadscan Elites have an RRP of about £1000. There are other scalers on the market too. Gordon can confirm the price of the Vigatec and Leeza products. Jenz can talk to you about the Rock+ At the top end of the market you have the Snell & Wilcox Interpolator Gold for about £40K ish. At the opposite end of the scale you have devices like the ProV, so beloved of AE100 owners, for under £200. Each does the same basic job, but the quality differs dramatically.

Good as the ProV is for the money it won't solve your problems so I would think about something of higher quality.

Check out the Progressive Scan section of this forum.

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