What caused motherboard to fail?


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I have had a previous post trying to find out what was wrong with my PC(mobo or CPU). Eventually I found that the motherboard has a blown component on it, does anyone know what this is called? Its the polo mint shaped object (sorry for being stupid!) with the wire wrapped through the hole in the middle:


Also what could have caused this to blow? Initially I received an error message relating to my HD, could this be the cause of the component failure?

I didn't want to replace the mobo and then have the new one blow immediately, I have a new PSU which I shall be using just in case.

Any help/ideas greatfully received.



possibly a power surge or alike from the old psu would be the obvious thing that caused the motherboard to fail.

new psu should be fine.

Chris Muriel

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The object is a toroidally wound transformer or inductor (coil).
It will certainly be to do with the power suppy side.
Therefore a high surge of current (beyond the capability of the inductor could have been responsible.
Without knowing exactly what it did (schematic or circuit diagram required) it's impossible to speculate further.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Thanks - new mobo and power supply in place. Thanks for all your help, all seems to be well (FOR NOW ANYWAY!!!)

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