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What car have you bought?

tony kop77

Prominent Member
You have 20,000 to start with and have to buy a level 0 car, there are no premium cars in the used section but will you still opt to pick up a bargain in the used section or will you buy a Type R or Mazda? I can't remember the other cars available but which did you or will you chose to buy?


Prominent Member
I bought a Honda Civic but after doing licence tests and "special" events, have been gifted some prize cars and haven't even needed to drive it at all.

Might be worth saving your money and doing it that way ?.;)


Established Member
mx5, not used much now as ive got a few cars that have won, still not sure what to buy got over 700.000, choices choices


Standard Member
I bought the Nissan March. Although I did want to buy the Suzuki Swift, so I might pick that up as well now I have the money XD

Smiffy 2

Prominent Member
I'm currently burning it up in a lovely 92 plate white Civic. Wave at me as you go past


Established Member
I bought a used FTO, which has been my staple beginning car for most of the series. Light quick and very stable, though suffers from a bit of understeer.


Prominent Member
Ive bought an F.T.O,i also,didnt look at any used cars in the dealership,i didnt think there would be any in there.
nearly got the Honda Today,looked really cool,and fast.


Established Member
first car was a civic type R. had to go premium even if it did blow my budgets. that said completely unaltered you can breeze thru the beginner races. License tests earnt me some nice cars just going for silvers at the moment as golds take too much concentration. I might put the effort in if the prize car is worth it.

Currently zooming around in my unmodded M5. loving it, really does feel like my own 5 series (except 250 more horses). Generally staying clear of standard cars as so far the few premiums i have are sufficient. I'll probably get the odd standard car just to fulfil the requirements for various races tho (ie classic car races etc).

Oh yeah and i gifted a prius (cant remember where i won it) to a mate, hahahahaha!!!!!!

Mr Nook

Distinguished Member
Didn't know you could gift cars. Recipe for mischief lol


Distinguished Member
I'm pretty certain I've just bought a new car for my first ever car on level 0 . A Mazda summat or other. I've also think there's a trophy for spending all your credits which has made me think maybe i should have spent a bit more.


Prominent Member
mx5-handles well but it didnt seem that i could use it for that many races to start with. Souped it up for the NRA race though.


Established Member
mini cooper 1.3i because i like to punish myself :D


Established Member
i wasnt really digging any of the new cars i could afford, so went for a lexus is200
its abit slow off the mark, but good enough for taking on the ai.

have got me thinking about the use all your credits trophy. might as well do it now before i start making the big stuff :)


Established Member
I went for the civic too as i wanted to start off in a premium car. Left it stock and won a few races.

Then i bought the Lotus Elise 111R also premium and in dark blue/purple. Made it even lighter and a new air filter.

Since then i have done the cart events and some races in the elise, i might go for the Tvr Tuscan/ Evo X/ Nissan GTR next, if i am at the right level to buy one. Only at levle 8 at the min.

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