What can u get for £500.00?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by iamnotbanksy, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Hello, am relatively new to av stuff but am keen to learn. I have been lurking in the background for a few months but still remain clueless. I work for a company that is looking to offer a free TV (LCD or Plasma) as a promotion during the world cup? what’s the best value tv for under £500 and what sort of dealer would you approach to buy say ten to forty units from?

    On a completely different note

    I also need to know what the best way would be to stream music from a server from to different locations around a large showroom? Is there a wireless solution with inbuilt stylish speakers?
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    I may very well be corrected by the good people of the forum but I believe Sub £500 for a plasma is simply not possible.

    LCD will be the way forward, but you'll be looking at only a 27" -> 32". However from a promotional business view you could turn this into a positive angle where you maybe go for a slightly smaller LCD on the basis that is HD Ready (which as we all know is the big buzz word in AV right now).

    Strongly consider the idea of going direct to a wholesaler and bulk buying of an obsolete model, should get a serious discount for that.

    Regarding the Music Server. MP3 servers are quite common but I would advise against the wireless solution. I do a lot of work within the computer network industry and although wireless has benefits, it does tend to be unreliable and very insecure. A decent cat5 network would really be the professional way forward.

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