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I have looked around but cant find any posts that answer my questions properly.

I am fed up with all the remotes i have. :thumbsdow the thing is each remote has a couple of buttons that are special, like on my DAVS-880 remote there is a button for getting into the amp settings and also one for changing the sound field that i use a lot. would say a harmony 665 be able to do this or would i still need to use my sony remote. Or getting into the direct navigator on my dvd recorder remote.

what i am saying is, will i be able to put my sky+ remote, tv remote etc in a draw and forget about them and be able to do everything from the harmony. :thumbsup:

Is the harmony the best one to go for, i dont want to spend any more than 50 squid.



I have

Panasonic PV-500
Panasonic EMR-S10 DVD recorder
SONY DAVS-880 DVD and 5.1


I've got one and it does everything i want, it has a huge data base so most things are on it.

If not it learns so you shouldn't be stuck, best thing to do would be to take a test drive on the harmony site, create a user and condigure your amp, this will let you see what buttons are available.

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