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hey there people, got a question on behalf of my mate

basically all the AV stuff is located in another cupboard of the flat with all the IR's going into some other type of box so in the living room the logitech remote is pointed at the IR reciever which changes everything (hope that makes sense)

Now the real question is, there's a sky hd box which is connected to the amp via a phono/component cable (with scart adapter) and another phono/component cable to send the video out over channel AV1 to the living room, but obviously no HD quality is shown. Is there anyway with the cables there that we can send the hd signal over the phono/ component cables, a converter or something?

cheers .or any help people.


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If you have an original SKYHD box, or you get one, they have HD COMPONENT video outputs. You could, presuming that the distribution cables are at least 5 cores, send component and analogue audio in and out of the distribution system that way. Really we need more info though.

What other info do you need mate? and anything you tell me if you can dumb it down lol :hiya:


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You need to give a much more detailed explanation of what cables are used and what amp and what display.

IE: The leads going to the amp from the scart adaptor....what are they and how many are they. ie if it's three, one for left audio and one for right audio and one for composite video?

The amp: Does it provide the surround sound or stereo sound for the display in the living room that is picking up the skybox on AV1?

Does your mate need sound to go to AV1 from the skybox so it can be used just as a tv without any other av surround sound system?

What cables are going from the cupboard to the display? ie how many and of what type?
Are there other sources that go to the amp that also use these cables to the display?
Does the display support HD component video on AV1...or any other av input that is not currently in use?
Is the display actually HD capable itself in first place?

Do any of the sources in this cupboard get distributed to any other rooms and if so how?

That should do to get started....

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