what camcorder



i am looking for my 1st camcorder. i have about 5oo squid and would like a camera with dv in/out. what do you recomend?>
Just like me then.

I'd been looking around a lot and just bought my first ever camcorder, the Panasonic NV-GS3B from Empire Direct as it's on sale there for £499.97, original RRP was £650 I believe. It looks like it's a discontinued line, but it'll do me.

Here's the link-


And that's typical, it's just gone down to £478! Bugger.:rolleyes:

That link doesn't work so just search via www.empiredirect.co.uk
thanks for that. i have just seen the JVC GR-DVL367EK for 449quid at letsgodigital.co.uk. what do you recon?????
No idea to be honest.

I just wanted an easy to use and compact DV camcorder. That's it.
If you're going to become more heavily involved in it all you'd be better off talking to other experts here. I know what I know from mags and books, that's all. Until I get to using it, I can't say what the differences are between camcorders.

I shortlisted the ones I was interested in, went to Comet/Currys etc to see them in the flesh and have a play, and the Panasonic suited me.

The end.:)
I've just bought my Mum the GS1 (£429) from www.letsgodigital.co.uk arrived the next day (yesterday).

It's a very nice bit of kit - got the GS1 because she's only going to use it as she used her old Sony, i.e. tape to VCR.

Quality appears to be very good, both picture and build.

Whilst it's very small the early signs suggest that there isn't a problem from cmaera shake. All in all a great buy.

The GS3 has the DV IN and letsgodigital are selling it for £469 delivered.

I'm toying with the idea of getting one of these for myself.


ps little note on letsgodigital - ordered it on Tuesday morning, was delivered Wednesday and they give you 30 days to send it back if you don't like it. Also got 6 decent quality DV tapes off them for £24....... So far a nice company to deal with.
Just ordered the JVC 367 from letsgodigital very nice chap on the phone and they are going to deliver tomorrow morning. the camera is £50 less than any other shop.
all i need now is some advice on how to use it....

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