What Cables????



how do you connect your dvd player to your tv???

Scart to Scart??

S-video to Scart??

Is there no visible difference or other options?



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Scart to Scart using a good quality lead (Ixos, Thor, QED) and set your DVD player to output RGB and then use an RGB capable scart input on your TV.

Some new TV's now have component inputs which offer even better options, but these are quite rare yet.




To slightly further Jasonjo's good advice, maybe consider using an RGB only SCART lead (where the lead carries solely the visual information, no audio) as these should provide a better picture due to less interference within the cable.

One cable I could wholeheartedly recommend for this purpose is the Supra AV6 Scart to Scart RGB (1metre) which you can buy online from supradirect.co.uk for £68. I now use this for my DVD player... it outperforms my Ecosse Armageddon SCART, which in itself is still very good.

Obviously this type of lead is only vaiable if you have an external amp/speakers as no sound is carried to the TV.

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