What cables?


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I've a Rel sub on order and want to make sure i've got all the necessary cables by the time it arrives. Trouble is I haven't got a clue.

I watch probably 90% DVD/SKY so I am guessing I only need to connect a LFE cable...?

Also, any cable I pruchase I would like as 'invisible' as possible(for the girlfriend obviously).

I noticed QED make this stuff:


Is this cable suitbale / any good or should I be looking at something else?

Basically, if I were to purchase this cable would I need anything else? I'm not sure what will come shipped with the REL.


Ian J

You don't say what kind of REL you are buying but I believe that some come shipped with a high level cable and some with nothing.

The subwoofer cable that you linked to is all that you need but the slightly fatter and slightly more expensice subwoofer cable that Mark Grant is selling in the Power Buy forum here is many times better.

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